My Guitars

My primary classical instrument is a Rene Baarslag Modelo Especial.  Rene is a Dutchman who constructs in Granada, Spain.  His instruments are in the classic Granada style, and indeed help to define that style, which is generally a lighter, more open sounding instrument vs. the Madrid style.  This guitar has Brazilian rosewood back and sides, an ebony fretboard, and a spruce top.  Here are some pictures of this fine instrument:

My second classical guitar is a fine Mexican instrument made by Fructuoso Zalapa.  This instrument has Indian rosewood sides and back, and a cedar top, with a rosewood fretboard.  Here are some photos:

Of course, any good guitar warrior doesn’t have just classical guitars!  I also enjoy the pleasures of a red Gibson 335 dot neck reissue (circa 1989), a natural sunburst Gibson L4 electric jazz guitar, and a Jaro’s Bluzman Delux.  Here are photos all all three:

Pretty, eh?  This Jaros has killer tone through some black back seymour duncan’s, it’s a rad guitar.

In the past I’ve had an Ovation Elite, a Yamaha FG180, a Yamaha FG150, a Doug Roomian strat and tele, a 12 string I just didn’t play much, a Gibson traveling guitar, and, I can’t forget, my trusty original classical guitar, a late 1960’s Fernandez (from Japan) classical in rosewood, spruce and rosewood, an extremely nice factory guitar for it’s time.  My father took me to Mann’s guitar shop in LA to get a classical guitar.  The guitar cost $150, a lot of money then bless my dad’s heart.  When the salesman listened to me play he said “oh! he’ll play the guitar for the rest of his life.”  It’s pretty much been that way.  My Baarslag is also complements of my father, so here’s to you Dad.

Guitars come and go, the music remains…but I still hope mine stay in the family forever!


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